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Fairfield, NSW

Welcome to RehabPro, your local mobile physiotherapy clinic in Fairfield, NSW. Our specialised services are designed to cater to your unique health needs, guiding you towards optimal independent mobility and function. Our skilled team is dedicated to understanding each client’s specific requirements, ensuring clear and consistent communication throughout your treatment journey.

We take pride in combining professional expertise with a personal approach. At Rehab Pro, you are more than just a patient; you are a valued member of our community. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and respect. Our treatments aim not only to enhance your mobility and function but also to improve your overall quality of life, helping you achieve greater independence and well-being.

Many of our clients notice significant improvements in their mobility and daily function after just a few sessions. Whether you are adapting to life after a permanent disability, managing a chronic condition, or aiming to improve your physical fitness, our programs are carefully crafted to meet your individual needs.

If you are in Fairfield and surrounding suburbs, and looking for personalised physiotherapy solutions, Rehab Pro is here to assist you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve better mobility, function, and a higher quality of life. We look forward to welcoming you and working together to reach your health goals.



Our team is highly qualified and passionate.

We use Evidence-based Practice to design our programs suitable for you.

We focus on a holistic approach to ensure you can regain your confidence and independence in all aspects of life. 

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